funny pictures - He woulda preferred "yield"

I’ve actually used this line.  Smile  The “stop” part, that is. 

One time, when I was much younger, this guy kept hitting on me and wouldn’t take no for an answer.  He was pretty creepy.  He just kept pressuring and pushing me and I was getting kind of scared.  He never threatened me or anything like that, but with some guys you just never know.

Finally, after like the 50th time he asked for my phone number, I gave in and gave him the number …

To the local funeral home. 

Open-mouthed smile

Sometimes, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.


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4 thoughts on “Whensday

  1. To get our country going in any kind of quality direction from quality leaders looks like “whens?day” forever.

    I’m hopeful that “when” is coming in 2012. 🙂 I can’t decide if I’m crazy or optimistic. Maybe a little of both. 😉


  2. As a man who was given a bum phone number before, I cannot condone or accept your actions as valid behaviour for humans in a civilized society. Most powerful word in the English language is no. Use it. Didn’t work? Use it again. Eventually it will work.

    Or kick the guy in the nards.

    Nope, no doesn’t always work! Don’t forget, this was back in the day before stalking laws and things like that. I once called the cops on a guy stalking me and the cops actually said, “It’s a free country, a guy can walk where he wants – if you don’t like it, move!” And the kick thing – well, if he’s bigger and stronger than you, and you’re not sure you can get away in time, pissing off a guy like that doesn’t seem the wisest choice. Sometimes, just getting away in one piece with the least amount of fuss is really the best way.

    Now, it’s not a technique to be employed frivolously! Sounds like the girl who used it on you did that. Unless you’re some kind of crazy stalker guy and you’re just now revealing your secret darker side? 😉


  3. Good one little lady! 🙂

    Thanks Cry! *hugs*


  4. Good one! I can’t say I’ve ever given a bogus number.

    I did have a stalker of sorts though, he was sweet, and fifteen years older than me, and just head over heels for me. We met when I was 19, and he tried so hard, but I just wasn’t interested, plus I don’t date men with children closer to my age than they are. Just a rule, lol. He was so nutty, his friend and I became quite chatty, and hung out a bit (he turned out to be a putz), but he said he wanted to go on a real date some night, but wanted to clear it with his nutty buddy first so he wouldn’t be upset. Fair enough. I run into him the next night, and he informs me he brought up my name, and nutty buddy went on and on and on about for me over an hour, and he couldn’t get a word in, let alone ask how he felt. So it never happened, which was cool, I met Matt shortly after.

    Then when I became engaged a couple years later, I ran into nutty buddy, and he asked how things were, and such, and I told him, and he just looked so crushed. In hindsight, I don’t think I should have told him. He looked like someone just kicked his dog. The rest of the night (we were at a bar) every time he saw me, he’d kiss my cheek and tell me how sweet I was, and how lucky Matt was.

    There was certainly some creep factor, but he was genuinely sweet, and I just remember how sad he looked. I think he thought years later, something may have changed.

    See, you are such a sweetheart that you’ve left a string of broken hearts in your wake. Men always love sweethearts. 🙂


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