wun *uhh* twoo


Now that the new bed has been here for a few days and we’ve had some time to let our backs adjust, and now that the special stuff going on at Darc’s work is almost over, and now that the edits and everything are done on the book project, it’s time to get back to work.  Or rather, back to work-outs.  We’ve been pretty lazy over the summer, seems we had a lot going on.  Then there’s the just too doggone tired mode we seem to be in a lot of the time.

But no more!

Starting Monday – always Monday! – we’re going to get back on track with this thing!


Yes. We. Can.


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4 thoughts on “wun *uhh* twoo

  1. Elisa Michelle

    Good luck. I know working out can be hard. My husband and I need to get back on track with that ourselves. Never fun. And definitely never easy.

    I keep waiting for that moment when “the burn” feels good. 😉 I kind of doubt that’ll happen. I’ll root for you guys, you root for us, deal? 🙂


  2. Speaking of workouts, a couple of posts back you recommended the T-Tapp workout to me in a comment. I checked out the sample videos on the website and was impressed enough to order a set of the DVD’s. They just arrived, so I’ll be checked them out soon. Thanks for the tip! Although my husband is scared that I’m going to smash up the whole house because one of the DVD’s involves using a broom handle as a prop. *eyeroll*

    Oh I’m so happy to know that! I think you’ll be glad you made the investment. 🙂 And how nice to know you’re a T-Tapper now too! LOL I’ve read about the one that uses the broom – I’m sure hubby has nothing to worry about. Our Spark wouldn’t allow her house to get damaged, I’m confident. 😀 Let me know how it goes!


  3. Darcknyt

    Yes you can. Let’s!

    We’re on! 😀


  4. I like to start on Mondays. Or the beginning of the month if it’s near by. Or the middle of the month. Not that the obsession with the timing helps me any, I should focus more on the actual act of doing something. There is a Mommy and Tots swim at the Y I am thinking about checking out.

    Best of luck!

    That’s how I am too. New start to things at the start of the week, or month, or year – you know what I’m talking about. 😀

    Good luck to you too! Swimming sounds awesome!


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