When Darc and I met and married, he had a little bit of fluff generally thought of as a dog.  She didn’t think of herself that way, and I suspect Darc didn’t either.  She was his baby, and that’s all there was to it. 

I say little bit of fluff, and that’s what she was, smaller even than my babies when they were born, she weighed maybe 7 lbs, soaking wet.

Darc had a step he built for her to get up on the bed, and she loved the bed!  Oh my, she loved to snuggle down under the blankets where it was nice and warm and she’d press herself up against one of us, usually him because he’s warmer than I am.  If we moved a little to accommodate her, she’d scooch in again, until, as Darc once put it, “I’m sleeping on the nightstand here!”  How such a tiny dog took up so much room on the bed is one of those mysteries I will never figure out.

When I was expecting the KnytLite, my body temp soared, so I became the “snuggle” of choice.  Only, with the baby pressing on the inside, I really wasn’t able to handle her pressing on the outside, and leaving me just a sliver of space.  My nightstand just couldn’t handle pregnant me.  So, I had Darc take her step away to keep her from hopping up on the bed anymore. 

It was a sad day.  After that, there was a baby often in the bed with us and just not enough room for the little bit of fluff anymore.  She’s been on my mind since we got the new bed, because we practically need steps ourselves just to get into it, and I can’t help but think we’d have had to make a 2 stair step for her, maybe even a 3.  It’s funny the way your mind works sometimes.  She’s been gone a while now, and I still find myself thinking of little things, like her bed-step.

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4 thoughts on “Whensday

  1. Instead of a step system, how about a trampoline? Or a dogapult. You know, some sort of dog launching apparatus.

    Yes, that sounds a bit barbaric. Especially if there’s a ceiling fan in the bedroom. Make sure to turn off the ceiling fan while operating the dogapult. Also, close any windows. Next thing you know, you’re accidentally teaching poodles how to fly.

    Then again, with two children in the home, maybe the dogapult might be a really bad idea. The older child might load up the younger child in the dogapult and send that child for a wild ride.

    That reminds me of that old computer game, Bouncing Babies. Look that one up. Hours of fun.

    Ha! Bouncing babies – (but I do remember the Dancing Baby) I’ve not seen that one, but I have seen my kids take running leaps onto my bed, before we got the new one. I love the dogapult idea – reminds me of the thing gymnasts use to get up on the “horse” exercise. 🙂


  2. Thank you for this. I laughed at the memory of my nightstand statement. I miss all our furry babies, and they’ve been on my mind lately too. They were all such gems.

    They really were. I miss them.


  3. Hi DF,
    I’m still on the road & this post reminded me of just how much I’m missing my dog, Kracker. Only 6 more weeks to go….


    6 weeks?!?! Oh my goodness! Your job really requires a LOT of dedication from you! I didn’t realize you had to travel that much. I’ll be praying for safe journeys for you!

    I’m sure your puppy will be so happy to see you when you get home. 🙂


  4. It’s amazing how such small animals can take up so much space in a bad! My parents had a pomeranian chihuahua, and he might have weighed 9lbs if he was lucky, but somehow he was always pushing my Dad out of bed somehow. He needed a step for everything, too. The bed, the chesterfield, especially the last few years he was alive, his hips were a mess.

    Our cats do the same… and I never have the heart to move them. I can understand our male taking up more space, he’s 17lbs, but our female… she’s maybe 7 or 8lbs on a good day.

    We used to have two black-lab-mixes, both 50lbs, and our male, who was long and lean, would stretch out across the bottom of the bed (not a huge issue for me and my little legs), but then our female would lay between us, and she was built like a brick shit house… and she would have her back against mine, and then brace her legs against Matt’s back and she’d push, and wiggle until she was comfy.

    That’s exactly what our furry girl would do! She’d wiggle and push and squirm and generally make a pest of herself. Then she’d want under the covers and do it all over again, lol.


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