funny pictures - I love these new sippy cups.

This one just cracks me up.  Open-mouthed smile  Sippy cup!  LOLOL 

I probably need one though.  The other night, I got a(nother) cup of coffee and as I sat down, my arm bumped something and about a quarter of my coffee spilled.  On my keyboard.  My new-ish keyboard.  My new-ish wireless keyboard.  I’ve never had a wireless one before.  I had a – I dunno, stroke, heart attack, freak out, pick your favorite – and spent like half an hour trying to make sure I got the coffee out.  I have yet to take the back off but it seems no harm, no foul. 


I did find out something cool though.  I have a key on my keyboard that when tapped, makes all the currently open windows tile with this cool 3-D effect.  Wow!  That’s so awesome!  I didn’t know it could even do that! 

So I learned a couple of things actually.  My keyboard is way cooler than I thought, and I still need a sippy cup like a toddler.  *sigh*  

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4 thoughts on “Toddlin’

  1. Elisa Michelle

    I’m the same way when it comes to water. I think I’ve spilled water on just about ever electronic item in this house at least twice. 😐

    Oh no! We need to get you a sippy cup pronto! LOL Poor thing.


  2. Bob

    Funny picture!

    Thanks! 😀


  3. You break that keyboard and you can’t have another one, ever. *eyeroll*

    Oh, while we’re shopping for YOUR keyboard I just happened to notice THIS really cool gem for ME over here…

    Pshaw, I’ll just grab a new one from the stash that you’ve got going on! You keyboard hoarder you! LOL


  4. Oh no, panic… been there! I am incapable of getting through drinking/eating without somehow making a mess. I cannot help myself. I have spilled so many things on my keyboards over the years. It’s amazing they kept working.

    Hot chocolate, water, beer, rum, tequila… you name! (Except milk… I don’t do milk)

    Milk is nasty to clean up. I do do milk. Well, I used to before I went low carb. 🙂

    Generally I’m pretty careful, but when I spill, I seem to spill big, to make up for all the misses I guess.


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