imageWe had to make an emergency trip to the dentist today for MiniNess. 

She’s had this weird tooth since she was a baby.  Actually, it was 2 teeth that came in together and then split apart as she grew.  We called it her little snaggletooth.  Neither one of us worried about it because it was a baby tooth and we knew it would come out when she was 5 or 6.

A couple of years ago, she developed a little cyst type of thing on her gum, above the weird tooth.  It didn’t swell or cause her any pain, it didn’t interfere with her eating or talking.  Eh, well, kids get bumps and stuff and cysts aren’t uncommon.

Around her birthday this year, the cyst grew and swelled dramatically and her gums grew inflamed.  She wasn’t in pain though, and I could see that the tooth was loose.  I was confident that once the tooth came out, she’d be fine.  In the meantime, I popped the cyst thing, got it cleaned out and all was well.  The swelling and inflammation went down and everything went back to normal.

A couple of days ago, the swelling and inflammation came back.  Okay, now I need to have someone else address this.  Trying to find a dentist who could see us on such short notice, when we weren’t even patients – well.  Not to mention the fact that I did so much research on many names that came up on our insurance search.  There were a few dentists on there who got very negative reviews from patients.  So I have this limited list, location-wise, and half of those won’t even see me on such short notice, several I won’t even call because “their office was very dirty” reviews turn me away, and I’m left with very few choices now.  I was banging my head against a wall when I finally got around to the next place on my list.  The receptionist was actually very encouraging and told me of an opening the following day, if I wanted to take it.  After a quick phone call to see if Darc would be able to leave work early, I called the dentist’s office back and scheduled. 

Well that’s one hurdle.

Our main concern was that there might be a problem with her adult teeth behind these baby teeth.

We got to the office and did the paperwork thing, then the MiniNess and I went to the exam room. 

The hygienist was so nice and sweet.  She was really friendly with the MN and chatted with her.  Good with kids, that’s so comforting.  I knew my baby was scared, this was her first time in a dentist’s chair.

After some x-rays, the dentist came in and took a look.  I gave him the explanation of what had happened.  He told me that fortunately there was absolutely no problem with her adult teeth, as he could see in the x-ray, and they should come in just fine when they were ready.  He told me her baby tooth did need to come and did I want to make an appointment or do it today?  I told him I was willing to do it right then if his schedule permitted, so he got his tool-kit ready. 

While we were waiting for the “sleepy drug” to numb her gums before the shot, he was asking her about school.  The MiniNess glanced up at me.  Uh, school?  I could see it in her eyes she wasn’t quite sure how to answer – is he talking about regular school?  So I explained that we homeschooled so she really didn’t know if she liked regular school or not.  All of a sudden, he got really enthusiastic.  Homeschool!  Well, what’s your favorite subject, he asked. 

“Well, I want to be an entomologist when I grow up, but they have to study spiders and spiders are creepy so I’m not sure now.” 

He was so impressed with her using that word, LOL.  Smile  The dentist turned to his assistant and said, “I’m telling you, homeschooled kids are smart!” 

He had so many questions and seemed so interested.  And of course, they commented on how smiley my baby girl is and how pretty she is and that popping sound you heard earlier was my mama-heart exploding in pride.  Smile  She did so well, was so brave, didn’t cry once.  In fact, after her tooth had been pulled she said to the dentist, “Thank you for the shot so the tooth pulling wouldn’t hurt.” 

I think she stole his heart right then.  “I’ve never had a patient say that to me!  Thank you!  I’m so happy it didn’t hurt you one little bit.” 

He was so great with her.  Really gentle and soft-spoken, explained all that he was doing so she wouldn’t be afraid.  He was quite charming and friendly – the good kind – and I could tell she was comfortable with both him and the hygienist too. 

They gave me a little box for her tooth.  It’s like a conjoined-twin tooth.  It’s so weird looking.  But my baby’s teeth are fine, her adult teeth will be normal and lovely, the abscess is healing quickly, and in the meantime, she’s got that awesome gap-toothed smile.  Smile

And we have a new family dentist.  Woo!  Open-mouthed smile

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3 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Congrats on the new family dentist, that’s excellent to hear 🙂 sounds like he’s great.

    And again, I am so glad to hear MiniNess is doing okay!

    I read the part about her wanting to be an entomologist to Matt, and didn’t he crack up! What a character she is!

    Thanks sweetie. 🙂

    Yes, she is quite a character! She keeps us on our toes, that’s for sure! LOL


  2. Glad you guys are all feeling better. Sounds like MiniNess had quite an experience.

    Thanks hon. 🙂

    Yes, it was quite an experience! Fortunately, now that the tooth is out, all is well. 🙂


  3. Oh my goodness – she is such a brave girl! God bless that dentist. There should be more like him.

    I know! That’s how I felt too! Why can’t they all be like that! I guess he wouldn’t be so special then though. 🙂


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