School Days

imageMy son knew the ride had to end sooner or later.  He was not looking forward to it.  He got the entire week off last week, due to my being sick and his sister’s dental adventure and by that time I figured, heck, what’s one more day?  Just make a clean week of it and pick up on Monday.

He was dreading the day, but actually things went much more smooth than he thought they would.  Of course, I knew that would be the case, but he had his doubts.  He got through his work in 3 hours.  To him, that is a nightmare of a day.  He simply has no concept of what a traditional school day looks like, so to him, even the short days he has seem long.  Oh well.  I know one day he’ll look back with fondness at this time in his life, and wish he still had only 3 hours a day of school. 

The MiniNess breezed through her day too.  I’m going to add some art stuff at the New Year so I’ll be checking out art supply places online to see what there is to see.  I’d love for them to have an easel or art table but I really don’t have room for that kind of thing here.  I’ll come up with something though.  Smile

Other than that, not much news.  How about you?  Did you do anything over the weekend?

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5 thoughts on “School Days

  1. Bob

    When is he going to be going to elementary school? I have never asked why he is home schooled.

    Hopefully never! If possible, we’d like to homeschool the kids at least through high school. 🙂

    It was something I became involved in about 20 years ago, a relative of mine homeschooled and I started exploring it and learned a lot about it. It boils down to going with what I believe is the best educational option for my kids, just like other parents. 🙂


    • Bob

      Cool. Thanks, I was curious.

      My pleasure! 🙂 It’s a subject near and dear to my heart.


  2. Your kids are lucky! 3 hours of school is a hard day? They should enjoy it while it lasts.

    Maybe I’ll have you tell them! LOL They don’t seem to want to believe me when I tell them that.


  3. Ugh, and with homework and studying, and assignments… the school day just gets longer… and when you get to high school, and cramming for tests and exams, and last minute projects and assignments… getting up and going to school for 9, getting home at 4, and finally getting to sleep around 3am, then waking up early to double check everything, and go into school early to go over things with a class mate… don’t miss it.

    You should see about scheduling him a day or two in an elementary school to see what he could be doing instead. He’ll be running back for 3 hours days in a hurry.

    I’ve thought about that, believe me! We do see the bus drop off the kids and I’ve been tempted to get him up to watch the kids standing there waiting to get on the bus in the morning. Maybe I’ll wait until the snow flies, make him just stand outside while they do. 😉 😈


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