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Dammitdog lives above me.  Well, a version of him anyway!  His owners refer to him as “Shutupdog!” 

I’ve learned a few things about our neighbors since they moved in 3 mos ago.  I’ve learned they’re a mother/daughter team.  The mom seems to be older than me, and the daughter is a teen still in high school.  I thought she was older until I saw her getting off the bus every day.  The daughter also has a boyfriend who visits almost daily.  The daughter is also pregnant. 

At first I just thought she might be a little heavy, but today she did the walk.  You know which one!  Any female who’s ever been heavily pregnant has done that walk!  Up until now, I haven’t seen the girl do that so I wasn’t sure if she was just a bit heavy in the tummy or was showing a baby bump, but after seeing that walk, I’m certain.  And non-pregnant heavy women don’t rub their tummies either. 

So soon – I speculate by the end of the year or in Jan – there will be a baby living upstairs.  And I’m pretty sure that chaos just might ensue.

See, the daughter is a screamer.  I almost never hear the mom but the daughter can’t do anything quietly, she’s just a loud person.  Especially when it comes to the dog.  And since most of his care falls on her, she’s been getting more and more cranky with him the farther along she gets. 

Add a baby into the mix with a loud teenage girl, and a loud howling and barking dog, and do you see what I mean?  I think if the dog wakes up the baby enough times, the dog just might go.  Or if the daughter yelling at the dog wakes up the baby enough times, the dog just might go.  Babies cry, and teenage girls don’t really have the coping skills yet to deal with crying babies – heck, lots of adults don’t either!  But I foresee some rough spots ahead.  Loud rough spots.  *sigh*

But maybe, just maybe, the dog will be gone. 

Oh who am I kidding?!  Ah well, it was a nice fantasy while it lasted anyway! 

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One thought on “Dammitdog

  1. Oh geez… sounds like a rough boat to be in. That is just a recipe for disaster. Good luck with the noise level!

    It’s going to be interesting, that’s for sure! She’s in the super-cranky trimester now and was even screaming at her mother the other day. Oy vey she’s a loud one! You should have heard her screaming on her cell phone … from across the street. 🙄


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