Columbus Thanksgiving


Happy Columbus Day! 

May we all discover something wonderful today.  Smile



A blessed Thanksgiving for our northern friends.  Smile



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One thought on “Columbus Thanksgiving

  1. Canadian Thanksgiving Day has a very different backstory than the well-known American story about the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock starving and freezing and the local first nations tribe helping them out.
    Canadian Thanksgiving began in 1948 when Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King took a swim through the Rideau Canal one day. He noticed a wild turkey walking along the water’s edge. Being an avid sportsman, the Prime Minister swam to shore, leapt from the water and wrestled the turkey to the ground. He dragged the turkey’s carcass all the way to Parliament Hill and brought it right into the floor of the Parliament. As a sign of good faith and good will to the opposition party, he shared the turkey with them. The turkey turned out to be poisonous and it sickened much of the opposition. The fallout from Turkeygate forced the resignation of Mackenzie King, thus allowing Louis St. Laurent to become Prime Minister. His first act as PM was to declare the day a holiday. The true full name of the holiday is “Thanks for Giving the Conservatives Food Poisoning Day.”

    Well see, there you go! I learned some Canadian history today! Thanks for the lesson!
    And I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. 🙂


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