I have no idea what caused it, but it seemed our Internet connection was wonky most of the weekend.  Trouble getting online, trouble streaming movies, it was just a pain.  At some point late Sunday, Darc moved our little modem device on to the top of one of our decorative Halloween pumpkins and suddenly, our signal boosted.  To the top!  And stayed there!  It was amazing.  But now our pumpkin looks like it’s wearing a hat, since the modem is also sitting on top of a mesh strainer to add some boost to the signal.  LOL  It makes me chuckle every time I see it.  We are nothing if not “make do with what we’ve got” people!  Open-mouthed smile

Unfortunately, it also looks like Darc’s barely out of the box brand name computer that he got less than 6 mos ago is dying.  He’s been having some big-time trouble getting the thing to boot, and when he ran a scan on the disk, it came back with a hard drive failure.  He’s not a happy camper.  Especially when he looks over at me sitting here with my “less than half of what his cost” computer that’s never had a hiccup of trouble, despite “all the crap you download” on it.  Just Firefox add-ons!  And picture stuff.  That’s pretty much it.  Honest! 

Hopefully we’ll be able to get a replacement hard drive.  Still, in the meantime, Darc’s going to be roughing it, and that’s not a good thing.  He’ll probably have to spend an evening on the phone with their tech support.  Can you say pain in the butt? 

We spent a fair amount of time at the eye doctor Monday.  The kids and I sat in the waiting room while Darc finally got to have his eyes checked.  The kids were so funny.  “How come all the people here are old?” the MiniNess asked.  They weren’t but it probably seemed like that to her.  Hardly any kids at all.  There was a high assortment of canes though, that’s what struck her.  Not literally!  LOL  At one point I took them outside to run around on the grassy area next to the doc’s office and one gentleman who’d brought his wife in was walking his little dog during his wait.  The kids fawned all over that little thing, and she was equally fond of the kids.  It was a nice little visit. 

So that was our kind of crazy weekend.  How was yours? 


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One thought on “TechnoloNOT

  1. The old modem-in-a-mesh-strainer-on-top-of-a-pumpkin trick! Awesome!

    So how did Dane’s eyes do on the exam?

    It’s an oldy but a goody kind of trick. 🙂

    I think they did okay, he goes back for more this weekend.


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