Stick a fork in it

funny pictures - And not five seconds later, his own friends  and family nearly pecked  him to death.

Have you ever had that moment of clarity, when you realize that something you might have hoped for is never going to happen?  When you realize how very wrong you were to give someone the benefit of doubt?  When you finally understand that some people simply aren’t interested in truth but are content to continue spewing and believing lies and hatred? 

I am having such a moment.

People I once knew, who were once close to me, so very close, would rather embrace a lie.  Doesn’t matter what I say or do, the truth is irrelevant.  Facts and evidence are irrelevant.  I’ve been up most of the night debating different ways of responding to the hatemail I received yesterday, but in the end, it really doesn’t matter.  How can you combat self-deception?  The whole, “You can lead a horse to water” thing.  I just don’t play that way.  I was trying to leave the door open to a future relationship, but I see now that won’t ever happen. 

So I am done.  Done trying to convince them of the truth.  Done trying to defend myself against a lie.  Done hoping that one day the relationship will heal. 

Time to move on!  There is a certain freedom in the mourning, though.  And I will cling to that.

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4 thoughts on “Stick a fork in it

  1. I’m sorry you’re going through this, Fal. It’s never easy, losing a friend. And as for hate mail, well, there’s no call for that. 😦

    Thanks hon.

    Not a friend, but a relative. Nope, no call for hate mail. The limit’s been reached, you know? Que sera, I suppose.


  2. I’m so, so sorry, love. I know how hard you’ve fought, how long you’ve labored. I know what I’ve watched you go through, and that’s a tiny fraction of what you’ve endured. I will always love you no matter how little it’s worth, and I know this will never happen in the future, if that matters. You are treasured here, and can never be painted in any other light than the light of adoration.

    Thank you my Love. Yes, you know. Thank you for always having my back. :*


  3. Elisa Michelle

    I understand this completely. Just went through it with some family members and I finally had to call it quits. No matter what I was the liar, the bad guy, the aggressor in their perfect world. They were content with a total lie and buried their heads in the blankets and told me to go away. It’s hard, it’s painful. You want to help or to shove them into realizing how foolish they’re being. But you can’t, and they probably think the same of you. It’s better to let it go, as hurtful as it is at first. Over time though, you start breathing again, and it gets better.

    Thank you EM. Yes, you sound like you can relate. For me this is a situation that’s been going on in some form or another for close to a decade now. Yes, you do start breathing again, absolutely! I’ve been at that fork too. It’s the repetition that I’ve had enough of. And I’m putting a stop to it. Enough already!


    • Elisa Michelle

      Good for you! Enough is enough, and you don’t deserve to go around in hurtful circles. No one does, but some people insist on hiding in a bubble instead of looking life in the face, and cause the cycles to continue until you have no choice but to break out and move on. No fun. But I really pray things get better!

      Thank you sweetie. One day at a time, one breath at a time. 🙂


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