Techy Weekend


Seems like the weekend was dedicated to computer-related stuff, but I know we did other things in there, like grocery shopping and stuff like that. 

I installed the new hard drive for Darc’s computer all by myself!  *flexes superwoman muscles*  Actually, it was basically a simple plug-in, so nothing very complicated.  The instructions were completely wordless, so it was fun trying to decipher what the little drawings were trying to show.  But I prevailed!

The next day Darc spent re-installing all his software and what-not, after he got his new x-ray glasses.  Smile  It’s like he can see the world in a whole new way now.  And now he can see how truly beautiful I am and how lucky he is that he’s married to me.  Oh shut up!  I can boost my own ego if I want!  Neener!

Plus, thanks to the big grocery trip, I’ve got lunches prepped for Darc for the next couple of weeks.  I love it when things are easy!  If only I could get something that would get the coffee prepped every night, then I’d be all set. 

How was your weekend?

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2 thoughts on “Techy Weekend

  1. Easy is nice!

    My old roommate had a coffee maker with a timer on it… so she just put the filter and grounds in it before going to bed, and every morning the coffee was brewed and ready for her at 7:30am before school.

    Ours does that too, with the timer feature. I love that! I just wish someone else would also prep it the night before. 😉


  2. Oh, I don’t need glasses to know how blessed I am, love. Besides, finding out the way a blind person does has its advantages and benefits, too. 😉

    Aww. Love you too Babe! *kisses*


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