Well, for the head this time, not the feet.  Smile  With Halloween coming up, I thought this would be a great holiday fashion statement.

Only, there’s no way in hell anyone’s getting that thing on MY arachnophobic head!

Actually, I’m dressing up in my usual costume – I’m going as the momWinking smile

How about you?  Will you be dressing up to take the kids trick or treating?  Or just dressing up if you don’t have kids?


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4 thoughts on “Tootsies

  1. There has to be some psychological term for the feelings illustrated by this picture. Usually the feelings would be illustrated with a closing vice. Anyway really cool hat.

    It is cool – on someone else. 😉


  2. Psst. Falcon, I don’t want to alarm you, but I think there’s a spider on your head.

    EEEK! AAarrgghh! Getitoffgetitoff!

    Whew, thanks for telling me WIGSF. Much appreciated. 🙂


  3. I will not be dressing up this Hallowe’en. I’m not interested in having any fun, but that’s me. I am NOT forcing my boredom onto others. Should other people want to dress up as scary ghoulish creatures, go for it.

    You can go as the neighborhood WIGSF. 🙂 That’s pretty scary!

    I would like to implore people to only use costumes that are traditionally scary. Monsters, ghosts, zombies and stuff. I fail to see how a French maid is scary. Well, the French generally smell awful and that’s a kind of scary. Yet, most people don’t include that distinct French odour as part of the costume.
    But I know that you’re kids are going to want to go as superheros and stuff. I don’t get that. But if it makes your kids happy, then sure why not. Personally, I find Spider-Man a bit scary. Here’s a guy who is part man, part spider. And he swings around from rooftop to rooftop with a professional camera in his pocket. Are you going to try and tell me he doesn’t sneak shots of women getting out of the shower and stuff like that? Spider-Man, p’shaw. More like Spider-Perv.

    Lots of people see Halloween as a day to bring fantasy to life, as it were, and not so much about the scare.

    And my son has retired his Spidey costumes. He’s going to be Mario this year. It’s a whole new world for us – since he was 3 he’s been either Spidey or a football guy. 🙂


  4. Ness- per an earlier comment I left here — I just got a reader on the schlager music blog who arrived from Winterthur, Switzerland after searching for “Francine Jordi feet” — told you so.

    Oh I never doubted you for a second! They don’t call it a foot fetish for nothing! LOL


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