All my life I have loved rainbows.  Pastel ones, not so much the primary ones.  When I was a very little girl, I saw the wedding pictures of an uncle and his wife, one of my favorite aunts.  Each of her bridesmaids wore a different color of the rainbow and they looked so amazingly beautiful to me that I decided then and there that I wanted the same thing when I got married.

So, okay, maybe for an anniversary I’ll have my rainbow.  Smile

Anyway, every year around our anniversary I start thinking of that fantasy wedding I’ve had since I was like 4.  It might go something like this:

I’ll do my hair like a rainbow.

cool accessories - hair - Rainbow Braid

And carry rainbow flowers!


I’ll wear rainbow shoes.  Must have sparkle!


And wear a frothy rainbow dress, like this.


Or maybe satiny, like this.


I’ll have a rainbow cake, outside,


and in.


I’ll have attendants wear all the colors of the rainbow, like these lovely ladies here.


But I draw the line at rainbow lipstick!


Maybe.  Winking smile


Happy November 1st!


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6 thoughts on “Tootsies

  1. You’ll get that rainbow wedding someday, baby. Just you wait. Soon as we’re wiping with $20 bills, you’re good.

    I’m looking forward to it, Love. 🙂 I have every faith.


  2. I thought you were a woman, not a flamboyantly gay man.

    Neither Jesse Jackson nor gay men can own rainbows. They are free, for everyone. 😛


  3. I love rainbows too. That layer cake is great! When I was younger I used to be able to play The Rainbow Song from the Muppet Movie on the piano.

    Didn’t it look tasty? 🙂

    I used to be able to do a rainbow song in sign language. 🙂 Not the same one as from the Muppet movie though. Do you still play?


  4. Ah, those psychedelic lips. Do they belong to Judy in the sky with diamonds?

    Judy, Lucy, or Mary Sue, I’m not sure! LOL I am pretty sure they don’t belong on me though!


  5. Onyx

    lol love it! What a fun memory!

    I never had dreams about my wedding as a kid, I think I grew up too independent, and too stubborn for my own good, and figured I’d never marry.

    I must say… I *love* the hair… I really do 🙂

    I saw your pink hair in one of your pics! It looks so cute on you. 🙂 Rainbow hair would look really good at your wedding too. 🙂

    I was stubborn and independent too. I figured the man who loved me would just … indulge me. 😉


  6. I would love to be there for your rainbow wedding!

    If I ever get to have one, you will most assuredly be a part of it. 😀 I wouldn’t have it without you!


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