imageBoy, this picture brought back a memory!  I actually had a dog say this to me once.

For various reasons, one day many years ago I found myself at the animal shelter, looking for a dog.  There were several to choose from, but most seemed to have some issue or other, whether it was being too noisy or too big, whatever. 

Near the end of the row, sat a quiet canine.  He wasn’t too big and he wasn’t too small.  He was black and brown and looked sort of like a Rottweiler, but he was not as big as one so I knew he was a mix of things.  He just sat there, looking at me, not barking, just quiet.  I walked over to his cage and he stood up and came to the door and we stood looking at each other in the “aisle” there at the shelter.  He seemed like a calm dog, not given to being the sort that jumps on or nips at people. 

I decided to bring him home. 

On the way, he sat in the front seat, just looking out the window.

When we got to the house, he got out of the car and came in with me, and then he proceeded to investigate every nook and cranny in the place.  It took him maybe 20 minutes or so, but I just stood waiting for him in the living room. 

Eventually he came back to me, sat down by my feet and said, “Okay lady, I’ll keep you.”  Smile

The vet said he looked to be half Rottweiler and half Beagle.  He almost never left my side for nearly 5 years and he was one of the best dogs I ever had.  He’s up in puppy Heaven now or wherever dogs go, and I’m pretty sure he’s keeping my couch cushion warm up there too.  Smile

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3 thoughts on “Whensday

  1. Awwww, puppy-face! *melts*

    I’ve never had a dog of my own, but I am always impressed by stories of smart and loyal dogs.

    I’ve been mostly fortunate with pets – 1 or 2 less than stellar, but overall, pretty good luck. 🙂

    Sometimes it’s hard to have pets, either due to allergies, or apt rules, or expense. Sounds like you have a pet “heart” though. 🙂


  2. Awww…good puppy story.

    Thanks. 🙂


  3. Onyx

    Aww, great story is right!

    I miss our dogs, but I know they’re enjoying a much better life than we ever could have given them apartment living. Matt’s heart still aches when we see black labs though, I can see it in his eyes. Maybe someday we’ll have dogs again when the time is right.

    I keep thinking that too. I know the kids want a dog, but … not now. Maybe one day though!


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