I went through the kid’s closet today, pulling out the stuff that’s too small so I can give it to goodwill.  As I was straightening and sorting, I realized that not a single one of my son’s shirts fit on the little kid hangers anymore.  I was so glad we’d recently bought him adult hangers!

At the same time, there’s a sadness to that.  As much as you love seeing the people your kids become, you also miss the little children they were.  Those little hangers are precious!  They’ve held a lot of baby clothes over the years, and thus, a lot of memories. 

One more kid still to go on the baby hangers and then … .  I’ll cross that bridge when I get there, I still have some time left.  Thankfully!

What are you thankful for today?

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3 thoughts on “Thankfulness

  1. sperry

    Happens way too fast!!! Enjoy while it lasts. 😉

    It does go way too quickly!

    Believe me, I’m enjoying every minute! 😀

    Good to see you here!


  2. I love my kids and the adults they’ve turned into, but I’d give about anything to have them as wee ones again.

    Those baby times are so precious, you just want them to stay that way forever. Sorta. 😉


  3. Onyx

    I am finding this out already. I emptied another huge pile of clothes into the bin for storage the other day. And at his appointment, the doctor measured his length, and he’s already over 29″. She graphed it, and said he’s in the 96th percentile, so she anticipates he’ll probably be quite tall. He’s nearly 8 months, and the change is already intense!

    They grow like weeds that 1st year! Hang on to one or two of your favorite little outfits. I saw a great idea once to make pillows out of kid t-shirts. Plus, you want to be able to pull it out and exclaim, “Oh! I remember when this used to fit you!” and then you can cry and make them roll their eyes. 🙂 It’s a mom-tradition!


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