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I played God this weekend.  Yes I did too! 

I created my own solar system.  I stuck it in the cold vacuum of space.  And when I was done, I rested.

See?  I told you!

Open-mouthed smile

My planets, however, were made from fondant, and the cold vacuum of space is my freezer.  My solar system is not quite to scale of the one we live in, and mine will ultimately rest, not hanging in space on the power of my word, but on top of my son’s birthday cake. 

When he told me what he wanted a couple of months ago, I admit I was kind of intimidated.  I’ve never worked with fondant before.  Where could I get it?  Could I make it?  I found a recipe and discovered that making fondant, even by hand without a stand mixer, is easy-peasy.  Whew!  It’s like Play-doh!  Except it’s yummy and tastes like buttercream and you can actually eat it.  Hopefully, it’ll look okay once it’s all assembled.  I’ll post pics, of course.  Smile

I wonder if God got blue under His nails too?  Hmmm.


And how was your weekend?

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