Yay, it’s vacation time!  First time in a decade!  And with Darc on vacation, that means I get a vacation too, of sorts.  Of course, I still have to do housework, but I don’t have to do school.  Sleep in!

Today we just hung out, kicking back and relaxing, and went to the store to get some Thanksgiving Day dinner stuff. 

I think I like this kind of vacation best.  No worry about travel plans, airlines, or driving and gas prices.  No concern about hotels, and making sure we brought enough clothes.  There’s a real sense of relaxation, like a really long weekend, and I love that.  It’s just hanging out, being a family, without stress.  What could be better than that?  Smile

What about you?  Would you rather go somewhere or enjoy the comforts of home when you’re on vacation?

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3 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. I would rather go somewhere. Even if I take a week off and just stay home, I’d get antsy. I’d end up doing stuff around the house. Or worse, I’d spend the whole time relaxing and doing nothing around the house which would make me feel like I wasted all of that time off. Even if it means just getting a hotel room downtown but actually going somewhere, I need my vacation time to be spend out of my home.

    And family = stress therefore vacation = no family

    You know, there were times when being with my family (okay, my mother) made me feel that same way. Family=stress was my life’s motto, so I can totally relate!


  2. I am a fan of the staycation, otherwise known as Puerto Backyarda.

    Puerto Backyarda” HAHAHAHAHA! I’ve never heard that one before, Spark, I love it! 😆


  3. UsneakydevilU

    I like getting on the road with family and passing through small town America going anywhere. Stopping and eating at diners that always surprise me with unique good eatings. My favorites are the “Man against Food” dishes. I love conquering a gigantic hamburger that stands a foot tall. Well actually the burger does the conquering.

    Ooh, that can be fun too, Sneaky! I love finding those little hole in the wall diners, they do have the best food. 🙂

    I suspect the burgers have a goal and will one day unite to rule the world. They always win! lol 😉


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