funny pictures-go away morningz!

Ah, the first day after the end of vacation – always a bit traumatic, isn’t it?  I know my beloved is doing his best to get back in the groove, as we are here at home.  We had a whole week off!  No school, no work, nothing but kicking back and playing.  Smile  It was awesome!

Our Thanksgiving was good – we went with an “Americana” theme this year, and that was fun.  Easy too! 

The only downer was that the kids got sick right on Thanksgiving!  Thankfully, not bad sick, just a slight cold kind of thing.  They were tired and a little stuffy but nothing major.  They slept more and that was about it. 

How was your holiday?  Did you travel?  Have people travel to you? 

I did something crazy.  Well, kind of bonehead crazy.  Remember the neighbor with the howling dog?  The loud neighbor with the howling dog?  I did something ….  See, every once in a while I get a big ham for dinner when it’s on sale and it lasts a while, but when I have just the big bone left, I always feel so guilty just throwing it away.  We don’t have a dog anymore to give such treats to, and I haven’t been able to toss a leftover bone in the garbage in almost 6 years now without having that sad little twist in my heart.  And as I was cleaning off the bone from the last ham I had, it went through my head that there was a dog upstairs who would love a juicy ham bone like that.  Oh, you should have heard the argument that went on in my head!  But I hate that dog!  But the dog isn’t annoying on purpose.  I should poison the bone and leave it out.  C’mon now, you know you couldn’t do that to an animal, no matter how annoying they might be.  I wish Michael Vick would come take that dog for a walk!  You’re so mean to think that way!  You know you don’t mean that.  Well, I might not mean it but it feels good to say it!  If you don’t mean it you shouldn’t be thinking it either. 

And on it went. 

Yeah, it’s pretty ugly in there. 

In the end, I decided to try to do the nice thing.  My prayer is that I can fake it ‘til I make it, and that my insides catch up quick to my outside.  *sigh*  Change my heart, Lord, because I really don’t like that dog! 

I wrapped up the bone and left it by their door as a gift to their dog.  I could hear the neighbor exclaim when she saw it when she took him out for his morning constitutional.  At 5:30.  (I did say loud, remember!)  “Oh look, puppeh!  A treat for you!”  I did not say in the note that it was from me.  Let them wonder.  Maybe they’ll think it was the magic bone fairy.  

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2 thoughts on “Bonehead

  1. I didn’t hear them and I was UP at 5:30, so maybe it was after I left at 6:10?

    It was the week you were still on vacation so you weren’t up then. 🙂


  2. That was nice, but remember it’s the owners who need poisoned, not the dog. 🙂

    LOL Don’t give me any ideas!


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