Wisdom is knowing what to do next; Skill is knowing how to do it, and Virtue is doing it. – David Starr Jordan


This quote struck a chord with me!  I believe I could solve the world’s problems if only someone would put me in charge, heh.  Winking smile  But then, would I have the skill to get it done?  Would I have the ability to do it? 

We can all talk a good game, can’t we?  But, as they say, the proof is in the pudding, and in the follow-through. 

Something for me to think about.  Smile  How about you?  Are you as good with the doing as you are with the planning?


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3 thoughts on “Wisdom

  1. I’m not. No two ways about it, I’m a much better evil villain than henchman. I can plan the domination of the world, but actually dominating it is another thing altogether. Filthy humans.

    LOL, Zim! I think we’re good at being in charge. We’ll hire out the heavy lifting part. 😉 LTY!


  2. I’m pretty good at practicing what I preach, I think. You’d better ask my husband – I might be deluded.

    I suspect that you are completely self-honest and self-aware, Spark. 🙂


  3. No. I know what needs to be done, I usually know how to do it, but I sit around and think about it and it never gets done. Obviously I lack virtue.

    Me too! Hey, we can be un-virtuous together! 🙂


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