Buggy Trek


So, I showed my daughter this picture that came through my Reader.  She wasn’t even all the way to my desk before she uttered a small shriek of horror.

“Do you still want to be an entomologist?” I asked her.

“NO!” she stated.  Emphatically. 

That’s kind of what I figured.  I’m not even really sure what inspired the whole bug thing with her anyway, but at least I can set aside any notions I may have had for getting her an ant farm for Christmas!

What she really wants is … a Borg toy. 

My little Trekker.  Smile 

Trekkers, actually.

My son wants something to do with Star Trek, too.  Games, toys, video games.  You should hear my son’s Picard imitation, lol!  He’s awesome!  Truly his father’s boy.  Open-mouthed smile

What with all the watching we’ve done lately of the different Trek incarnations, I think we’ve actually created the next next generation.  Winking smile

So, how was your weekend?

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3 thoughts on “Buggy Trek

  1. Happy to hear that there will be a “next” next generation!

    Me too! It seems so weird now that there aren’t any new Star Trek series on the air anymore. I’m so glad my kids like it. 🙂


  2. I would love to hear your son’s Picard impression! 😀 I used to watch that show devotedly.

    He’s so funny. 🙂 He and daddy do a great job of Picard, lol. 🙂 Maybe I’ll get them on tape one of these days.


  3. What the hell kind of bug is that?!

    I think it’s called a weta – like a giant cricket, or something. You can click the pic and it’ll tell you more.


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