I never have liked shopping.  Especially Christmas shopping.  I still remember the first year I started doing my own Christmas shopping as a teen when I finally had a job and money of my own.  Malls at Christmas-time are not fun for people who don’t enjoy crowds. 

At this point in our lives where we’re sticking with one vehicle, jumping into the car to go Christmas shopping isn’t an option.  So delivery companies are my friends.  Smile  Being able to go online and order some things for the kids and have them brought to me is an extra blessing I’m so thankful for.  My kids get gifts (yay!) and I don’t have mall stress (double yay!).  It’s a win-win all the way around.  What a great time we live in that we have such options!

How about you?  What are you thankful for this week?

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One thought on “Thankfulness

  1. [The following comment should be read aloud in a southern drawl.]

    Whoh there! Are you saying that you’re a woman who doesn’t like to shop? An American woman who doesn’t like to shop?
    Shopping is America. It is the American way. Not shopping is unpatriotic. You gotta shop. So you do it the lazy way, the Sears catalog way. Which is okay I guess if you’re living in some one horse town in North Dakota or something, but you’re a city girl. City girls gotta shop at city shops. Why, you could be just like Sex in the City. Walkin’ down the street with shopping bags in both hands chatting with your girlfriends about how you accidentally dyed your naughty hair fire engine red. At Christmas time, that’s a festive color.

    Some catalog and online shopping is okay, but I really hate all the comparison stuff and is it cheaper here and what about shipping costs there, and so on. I detest window shopping. I like to know what I want, where I can get it, then just get it and be done with it. I hate the browsing aspect. And that’s pretty doggone American too, I’ll have you know!

    I’ve heard of this Sex in the City you mention. I’m more of a Sex in the Suburbs kind of girl. And naughty hair – mine or anyone else’s – never has made it into any conversations. 🙄


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