It’s New Year’s Eve this weekend!  Do you have any plans?  Doing anything special?  I will be doing my customary hiding behind the couch until the madness is over, but if I was going to a party or something, I might just dress up.  Smile



First, I’d get my pretty pearly bracelet.




Then I’d get my pretty pearly shoes. 




Then, I’d get all decked out in my sparkly dress.  Smile


It’s party time!  Anyone for champagne?

Have a great New Year’s, no matter what you do!

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3 thoughts on “Tootsies

  1. Sperry

    No plans but wouldn’t be caught dead in those shoes! LOL!
    Hope you have a great new years non the less. 🙂

    Aww, c’mon! You know heels make your legs look great! ROFL!

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year’s too! 😀


  2. Oh my goodness. Those shoes are a big “de trop”, as the French would say. (Translation: they’re a bit much!)

    I’m going to be hanging out with some good friends on New Year’s Eve, casual like, probably sipping ginger ale and playing board games. 🙂

    Boy, they sure are a bit on the overdone side! LOL I love pearls and some sparkly, but, not that much!

    Sounds like you have a wonderful evening planned, just my speed. 🙂 Have a great time welcoming in the new year. 🙂 *hugs*


  3. We’ll be staying in this year. Work has been crazy busy for Matt, he’s covering in another town, and with the weather, it’s a 2+ hour drive on top of a 10ish hour day, so all he wants to do is relax. So lots of movies, video games, and vegging is on the agenda.

    I hope you guys have a great New Years 🙂

    That sounds like a great New Year’s, Sweetie. 🙂 Sometimes those quiet evenings where you can just hang with the ones you love are the best celebrations of all. *hugs*

    Happy New Year to you!


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