Back to Normal

funny pictures - Think  you  better  get  started  on  your  New  Year's  resolutions.  So  many  improvements  needed,  and  so  little  time.

This Christmas season was so wonderful and amazing, it’s a bit hard to see it end.  My beloved was home on vacation for nearly 2 weeks, I gave the kids some time off from homeschool, the food was great, and the time together as a family was relaxing and joyful.  Who wouldn’t want that to continue?

Alas, the daily grind has its demands too, and they must be met.  In a way, that’s a good thing because daily life makes those holiday times that much more precious.

Our little Christmas tree is giving up the ghost.  We noticed just before New Year’s that half the lights weren’t working anymore.  It has served us well for 8 Christmases now, so it’s time to let it go to that Christmas tree heaven.  Kohl’s had a sale on little pre-lit trees so I grabbed a couple – get this – a green one for the boys and a pink one for the girls!  I’ve always wanted a pink Christmas tree!  Next year I’ll finally have one!  LOL  It’s just so meSmile

Darc and I decided to purchase our own domains also.  We’ve already put some work into them – I spent most of New Year’s weekend working on mine, but to be brutally honest, there are a lot of things about them we don’t care for.  We will surely change hosts in the coming months once we find a service that offers everything we’re looking for.  Now there’s a task not for the faint of heart!  Yikes!  Have you seen the sheer volume of hosting services out there?  Dang!  I confess that I love WordPress though, so this isn’t an easy move for me. 

Did you have a good Christmas?  Have you had a good start to the new year?  Are you feeling optimistic?  I hope so.  I believe good things are in store.  Smile

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One thought on “Back to Normal

  1. A pink Christmas tree? That’s so John Waters.

    Don’t get the reference? Look him up. Get the reference? Send me a lump of coal for my staulking next year.

    *eyeroll* I know who John Waters is. I’ll send you 2 lumps, as I’m sure you’ll say something else equally rude to me at some point in the year!


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