Treads & Threads


Now this is taking having a green thumb a little too far!  These must be for a movie, right?  The Queen of Hearts or something like that?  I’m all for manicures and long nails but goodness, this is certainly taking it to the extreme!  I keep wanting to zoom in to get a closer look.  Is this for real?  Is it ‘shopped?  Has to be for a movie!  No one would do this in real life … would they? 

I guess it makes stopping to smell the roses a little easier.  Winking smile


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4 thoughts on “Treads & Threads

  1. Where do you find these things?

    In my Reader, along with all the cat stuff.


  2. Oh… there’s a URL on the bottom of the pic. Maybe I should wait for these pictures to load fully before commenting.

    Okay, heres my real question. Other than for blog fodder, why are you viewing this stuff? Do you have endless time and internet resources?

    It comes in my Reader. It’s with my cat pictures so it’s like the comics page in the paper for me. And with my blogging utilities, it takes me like 5 seconds to send something to a draft post to save for later. 🙂


  3. Heavens! How can anyone function with that kind of nail art? I’m sure it’s real. I saw a whole gallery of similar “nails” on the internet recently, although I can’t remember where.

    Nail art – yeah, that’s what they call it now! I’m with you, I don’t see how anyone can function with that. And believe me, I’ve grown my nails really long at times and some things I see now-a-days blow even my mind! LOL


  4. How would you pick your nose or wipe your privates with those? Arg!

    Kind of a scary thought, no? Ouch! LOL


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