We Now Return

Can you imagine how hard it is, for a man who has chronic back pain, to shop for chairs?  All that getting up and sitting down!  Agony.  And then I saw his face when he sat down in one particular chair.  That chair should arrive at my home tomorrow and if I get the same look on Darc’s face that I got in the store, it’ll be so worth it. 

I know a chair is not a cure-all, but I am hoping it’s a step in the right direction for his back pain. 

We also picked up some of those plastic mats to protect the carpet under your chair and the smell is killing me.  It’s an intense combo of plastic, vinyl, and rubber.  It has an almost skunk-y kind of smell.  I’m hoping it’s done off-gassing or whatever it’s doing, soon!

In case no one noticed, (bahahaha!) I haven’t really done any posting over at the “new” domains pretty much since we got them.  Setting up the site was fun, but posting over there is a royal PITA.  My husband was much more dedicated to it than I was, but even he gave up.  We can’t switch hosts until March, so I’m here at WP until then, at least.  After that, well I guess it depends on what kind of hosting we find. 

My husband, the keyboard diva, feasted his eyes on yet another keyboard over the weekend that he had to try out.  I swear, we have a veritable keyboard buffet here now!  LOL  He practically has one for every mood.  Honestly though, I don’t mind much because to me they’re like the tools of his trade.  A mechanic needs wrenches, a butcher needs knives, a painter needs brushes, and a writer needs keyboards.  I have to be careful for my own sake though.  I’m not too far behind him when it comes to being a diva about keyboards myself.  I found one that made my fingers itchy when we were at the store so I went ahead and picked it up.  So far, it’s pretty nice.  It’s a lot like the one I was using before, but it has that ergonomic curve to it so it fits my hands better.  Fewer typos, yay!  It’s amazing, really, how much having a keyboard that fits makes you actually want to type.  I’ve long had a thing about collecting pens too, so I guess it goes right along with my own writerly inclinations.  I have the heart for writing fiction, just not the talent. 

I made a theme for my computer desktop.  You’d think with the 150+ themes I’ve got that I’d find one to fit my mood, but no.  So I made my own.  Hundreds of pictures, all having something yellow about them.  I was craving some cheerful, sunny, happy yellow and now I have lots.  My eyes are happy now.  Smile  Yes, I admit I have a theme obsession.  Way back when we had Windows 98, I found this one program that had a ton of themes and would actually change them on whatever schedule you chose.  That was pretty cool. 

Still no apparent change since talking to management about the neighbor’s dog.  I haven’t even seen the lady who’s supposed to live there, just her daughter and the baby, and now it seems the daughter’s boyfriend – or baby-daddy I guess – seems to have moved in.  The dog still makes a lot of noise, and I don’t know if management has even found the opportunity to talk to the lady.  *sigh* 

Also got little posts up on both my Faith blog, and my Political blogSmile

So … how have you been?

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7 thoughts on “We Now Return

  1. Bob

    Management needs to do something about the dog. If they don’t can you consider moving? I know the dog isn’t worth moving over but it just shows how management doesn’t care about you.

    Well, they do but I’m not sure what their options are. We can’t move until late fall, due to our contract. I know a certain level of “deal with it” exists in apt living – even more in homeownership – but the question is how much we’re willing to actually deal with. And with no guarantees that if we moved we’d get better neighbors, you know? It’s a conundrum all right!


  2. Thanks for you patience with it all, love — chairs, back, keyboards, hosting. It will pay off one day. I hope.

    I have absolute faith that it will! And confidence in you. 🙂 Love you madly! *kisses*


  3. Does your local mailman offer a dog removal service? That may be something to look in to.

    Oooh, maybe I could stuff him in that little mail slot, make a sausage out of him! Er, the dog, not the mailman!


  4. You know I have something to say about the off-gassing carpet protectors, lol. If you have a balcony, definitely put it out there for a couple of days. Warmth speeds off-gassing, and since it’s unseasonably warm the sunshine will help get it to a more reasonable level in a couple of days. As you know, I have no tolerance for it at all so I let mine off-gas for up to a couple of months, depending on the intensity, but I doubt you’ll have to do that. Just remember the reason it smells is because potentially harmful chemicals are going up your nose. 🙂 Good luck with the new chair!

    An excellent idea! Thank you!

    Thanks! I’m so hoping he’ll get some back relief from it. I feel so bad for him every time he sits in the chair he has now so I’ve got my fingers crossed this will help.


  5. I’m so glad to hear that Darc got a comfy chair! I was wincing on his behalf reading some of his recent posts.
    I can’t claim to really understand your keyboard preferences, but hey, if it makes you happy, it makes me happy. 🙂 I’ve never met a keyboard that I felt strongly about either way.

    Well, turned out it wasn’t such a comfy chair after all. I had to take it all apart and we exchanged it, and I’m going to put the new one together tomorrow, so we’ll find out over the weekend if we did better this time.
    Heh, yeah, we’re both a bit on the weird side when it comes to keyboards. LOL Okay, not “a bit,” a whole lot! 🙂


  6. I happen to be a pen-collecting “fuma” my dear! I actually get a magazine from Joon Pens every couple of months. They have the most awesome pens one could ever imagine. Go to their web site and see some pens costing way in excess of $100,000.00! Ridiculous, but cool at the same time.
    I hope you guys are doing okay. Been missing you around here lateley.

    I had no idea you were a kindred pen collector! How cool to find that out! 🙂

    Aww, Steve, you give my heart warm fuzzies. 🙂 I’ve been a bit backlogged due to school, and more recently our adventures in chair buying, but I’ll be there tomorrow. *Hugs*

    I heard you were sick with the strep – been praying for you!


  7. Thank you Vanessa! Yeah, I’ve been somewhat “under-the-weather” this past week; but I’m just working right along … singing a song! 😉
    I think some of the pens you can find at various medical places are very cool!

    Oooh, I’ll have to kee my eyes open for that! I like business pens too. Came across some triangular ones years ago that were my favorites for a long time. 🙂

    Glad to hear you’re singing!


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