Chair Follies

The goal, initially, was for both Darc and me to get new computer chairs this year.  Him, because we thought it would help with his back problems.  Me, because I’ve had back problems in the past, tailbone issues actually that seem to be healed now thank the Lord, but my chair is 7 years old and it’s time for a new one.  My chair tilts funny (to the left, horrors!  Winking smile  ) because I tried to compensate for the tailbone problems I had when I got it. 

So, happy little wannabe chair buyers we are, we hit the office store with the intent of bringing home some back relief for Darc.  He found a chair, felt profound relief on his back while sitting in the chair in the store, so we wanted to take it home.  But they didn’t have any in stock, so we ordered one to have delivered a few days later.  The pain relief would have to wait!

Tuesday came and the man dropped off a huge box, which I promptly opened and spent the following hour or so putting the chair together.  I really wanted my husband to be able to come home from work and just relaxxxxxx.  But we had errands to run that night so he didn’t get to test drive it until Wed.  He came home from work that night, sat in his chair, and … cried out in pain. 

Ummm, that wasn’t quite the reaction I was hoping for.

I went to the store’s website and discovered that their chairs were on a deep discount, which we didn’t get, and then I came to the conclusion that we’d been sent the wrong chair.  Darc sat in several at the store that night and it was probably just an honest mistake the salesguy made when he grabbed the ticket off the chair to check the stock.  Could have happened to anyone, right?  We wanted the 3rd one down the row, he grabbed the ticket off the 2nd one down.  Crap happens.

So we decided to return the chair we had and see if the right chair was still available.

Which meant I had to disassemble the chair.

[Do you still have flashbacks of that robot yelling “No disassemble!” whenever you hear that word, or is it just me?]

Anyway, I figured it would be a piece of cake.  Easy together, easy apart, right? 

Not so much! 

The store told us we’d have to put the chair back in the box and when I tried to take the metal base off the wheel setting, it wouldn’t budge!  I huffed and puffed, did the ol’ thing where you brace your feet on one part and then pull, but those pieces were doggone fused together! 

Well, fury doesn’t begin to describe how I felt but we won’t go there!  Suffice it to say my kids will have some hilarious memories to laugh about one day.  Out of my hearing.   🙄

We took the chair back anyway, in pieces, and exchanged it for the one we felt was the one we were supposed to get in the first place.  Since it was on sale for an awesome price, I decided I’d get one for me too, because the 2 chairs together were hardly more than the other chair was by itself.  I mean, score a deal when you can, right?


Somehow we managed to get both chair boxes into our vehicle and got them home and the next day I put them together.  Really, putting them together is the easiest part of the whole thing. 

I sat in mine and … you know, it’s a lot higher than it was in the store, even with the pneumatic thing all the way down.  My feet won’t even touch the ground.  I actually had to go get an old pair of platform sandals I have and wear those just to keep the seat front from cutting off the circulation in my legs where it presses against my thighs. 


You know, that really wasn’t part of my chair plans.

And then, despite the platform shoes, my back started getting twitchy and twingy, even after I put the lumbar support all the down.  It was just pressing against the wrong spot on my back and hurting more than helping.

When Darc got home and sat down, he had about 5 minutes of relief and then his back started screaming.  *heavy sigh*  He spent almost the entire weekend playing musical chairs between his new chair, my old chair, and the couch, trying to find relief.  Oddly enough, after a couple days of this, his back did seem to settle down a bit in the new chair but at this point, I don’t know if he should keep trying to get his back to develop an acquired taste for the new chair or take the chair back and try again someplace else. 

I’ve gone back to my old chair.  I tried to tighten some of the screws and that seems to have helped a bit, but for me, I’m thinking I’ll just wait on the new chair thing.  Really, I wouldn’t even be in the market for a new chair if not for the tilt on the old one, but I can live with a little tilt.  Heck, I’ve been living with it for years now anyway, what’s a few more months until I can find one I really, really, really like that fits me as well as this one does, right? 

So, how’s by you?

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One thought on “Chair Follies

  1. i was really hoping that the chairs were going to help a lot. Don’t give up!

    Me too! Thanks for your encouragement, Bob. 🙂 I appreciate it.


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