Treads and Toss ups


I saw these the other day and did a double take.  Too weird, even for me!  If you can believe that, lol.  The heel is just bizarre looking and I actually had a moment of pity for the model who had to traipse down a runway wearing these things.

Plus, I hate the color combination.  The sparkle is nice, but that’s about it. 


Know what I saw in the paper a few days ago?  Get this, Burger King is trying out a delivery service.  I had no idea they already do that in other countries (what are we, chopped liver?) but so far they’re doing a trial run in D.C. and are thinking of expanding it. For $2 Burger King Will Come to You


Another article I found was this one about How Much Is A Homemaker Worth?  I like articles like that, for obvious reasons, lol.  Smile  Some women who stay at home get put down a lot by either a less than considerate husband or thoughtless friends or neighbors.  It’s nice to see the affirmation that homemakers often need.


Lastly, I have a post up on my recipes blog.  You can check out my Cheesy Egg BakeSmile  Pull up a chair! 

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One thought on “Treads and Toss ups

  1. A couple weeks ago Burger King introduced a change to their french fries by giving away a small order of french fries free for a one day. They were no better than meh. As for delivery of fast food, not a good idea. That stuff is best fresh. Once it sits for a couple of minutes, it loses it’s flavour. All that salt it contains dries it out too quickly.

    I won’t eat cold fries. They’re so gross, and even trying to reheat them in the microwave doesn’t save them. But how fun the idea of fast food delivery! Kind of redefines it. 🙂 Is it faster to go get it, or have them bring it? The sages will ponder.


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