image[2]I felt the bed dip, just a touch, when she climbed up.  That’s what woke me up from a dream, that sense of the bed giving under her weight, ever so slightly.  She’s only 6 after all.  I smiled.  Cuddle time!  My back was to her so she didn’t know I was awake, and I lay there pretending to still be asleep while she slowly made her way from the foot of the bed to my pillow, and my arms. 

One little crawl, then another, and another, until I felt her lay down next to me and run a little finger like a tickle along my spine.  She does that sometimes, in her way of trying to wake me up gently.  I chuckled.  “Good morning, baby girl!” I whispered, turning over to wrap my arms around her and snuggle back to sleep.  I don’t know what it is, but when I cuddle my babies, my sleep is deep and sound.

As I rolled over, I lifted up the covers so she could get underneath.

But she wasn’t there.

No one was.

The bed beside me was empty.

I decided that was just as good a time as any to get up. 

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4 thoughts on “Weirdsday

  1. wigsf3


    Something sure was weird! It was probably me.


  2. Bob

    Bobette’s sister told us on the weekend about how a ghost is haunting her. I should blog about it!

    Sure, I’d like to read about that!


  3. Wow. This makes me want to check on the kids. RIGHT NOW.

    They are fine and perfect and perfectly fine. No worries, Love! :*


  4. A friend of mine swears that one time she woke up to the feeling of someone sitting down on the edge of her bed. When she opened her eyes there was a translucent woman looking at her. She closed her eyes, opened them again, and the woman was still there.

    Oooh! *shiver* What a creepy story!


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