It’s odd, but I can recall when the Monkees were on TV in prime time.  I think I was about 2 or 3, but I remember being in the room upstairs of the house we lived in at the time, watching them.

When I was about 6, my sister and her friend gave me all their old copies of their Monkees albums and I was in heaven.  I watched the show, then in syndication, every Saturday without fail.  I was going to grow up and marry Davy, you see, and Saturdays were my only chance to “see” him. 

I was also never going to be taller than 5’3”, because he was 5’3” and I couldn’t be taller than him.  That’s what I decided anyway, lol.  Isn’t it funny how at 6 you think you can control those things?

Of course, Davy would always remain as he was, until I caught up to him age-wise.  He would wait for me!  I was certain of that.  Then we would grow old together. 

By 9, I’d moved on to Donny – such is the fickleness of youth!  But Davy would always be my first “love.” 

And when I was 6, no one, and I mean NO ONE, had moves like he did!  As much as 6 years olds can, he made me swoon. 

It’s hard to believe he’s gone! 

Thank you for the memories, Davy.  My condolences to your wife and daughters. 




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3 thoughts on “Whensday

  1. I’m probably 20 years older than you and although the Monkees seemed quite silly compared to the Doors, Led Zep and Beatles I did enjoy that Sat morning show because it was wholesome, silly and had a certain charm.

    A certain charm – well said, Carl! They were silly and fun and made a lot of people chuckle. The world needs more of that, I often think. 🙂


  2. I’m sorry babe. I know this must be a similar blow to the loss of Fred Rogers. I love you. And even though I’m not 5’3″, and don’t have the wicked Jones-y moves, I hope I’ll do. 😉 :*

    You’ve got wicked Darc moves that I adore.

    Thanks, Love. :* I love you too.


  3. I remember watching the show in syndication and being in love with Davey. Very sad to hear of his passing.

    It really was sad! Much more than I realized.


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