The Easter Egg Personality Test


Your Easter Egg Says You Are Social
You are cheerful, friendly, and open minded.
You do your best to make sure everyone is happy, including yourself.
Empathy comes easily to you. You are very forgiving.
You don’t hold grudges. You easily forget about any negativity in your life.

Don’t hold grudges.  BAHAHAHAHAHA!  Clearly, these quiz things don’t know me at all!  LOL

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4 thoughts on “The Easter Egg Personality Test

  1. I picked the flower one. Says I am optimistic. Could not be further from the truth. Islam problems, environment problems, econ mess and war – don’t see much possibility for light. Not even a few matches.

    Well, maybe you’re one of those who, deep down in their heart, have optimism for hope. 🙂


  2. Sperry

    The only grudges you hold are well deserved!
    I know better than to piss you off so I hope I’m still safe. 🙂

    Ha! And here I thought you were nice to me all these years because you liked me – now I know it’s just because you’re afraid of me! 😉 ROFLMAO!


  3. My Easter Egg says that I’m curious:
    You are truly optimistic, open, and hopeful.
    And your optimism gives you the courage to live life adventurously.
    You love new experiences, ideas, and challenges.
    You see life as a fluid, growing process.

    Well, I’d like to think it’s all true!

    How cool that it uses adventurously, which is part of your blog name! See, I think it fits you to a T. 🙂


  4. The Mad Jewess

    😀 My Easter egg said;
    “Stop being a rotten egg”

    ROFL Now you stop that! You’re a good egg! 🙂


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