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Sunday’s Coming!

When the lights all died on our little Christmas tree this past season, and we decided to grab the trees that were on sale for dirt cheap at a dept. store, I hadn’t thought further than Christmas.  I know, I know, what do purple and pink have to do with Christmas?  I have no freaking clue, but I love pink and purple, so I grabbed one of each color tree, in addition to the traditional green one.  Did I mention dirt cheap?  I think I paid less for all 3 than I did for the original one that died. 

Flash forward to this spring, when once again Darc and I talked about putting up an Easter tree.  It’s something we’ve wanted to do for YEARS but other things always seemed to get in the way of that.  For one thing, finding a tree to decorate for Easter isn’t anything like picking up a Christmas tree.  No one sells “Easter trees.”  It just isn’t done.  Oh sure, some folks will string up plastic eggs on the trees in their yard, but we wanted something indoors, like a Christmas tree, but … not.   After lots of searches online, I could find little more than leafless branches stuck in a pot, or super expensive metal affairs.  Neither one suited my purpose. 

But then I remembered I had pastel colored Christmas trees!  They were still in the boxes, I’d never even unpacked them, since I didn’t even get them until the post-Christmas sales. 

Okay, now to hunt down Easter ornaments.  Well, a little easier than Easter trees.  Smile  Whew!  And I also found some religious ones, to boot.  Lastly, on to the hardware store to pick up some nails. 

The kids and I put it all together yesterday and I think it looks pretty decent.  Now my daughter wants a tree for every holiday!  I confess, the idea is really growing on me.  Smile

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