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Dyed and Gone

imageWell, it finally happened.  I knew that day was coming.  For 10 years I knew it was coming.  It arrived last week, quietly, sneaking in when I wasn’t looking.

“Hey guys, are you ready to color some eggs?” I asked the kids just before Easter weekend.

“Yay!” chimed the princess.  She loves doing stuff like that.

My son was silent. 

“Hon?  Are you in for coloring eggs?” I asked again.

“Um … mom?”

Boom.  There it was.  A decade in the making and you know it’s coming and it still catches you off guard.  You keep thinking, “just one more year … .” 

“It’s okay hon,” I told him.  “I get it.  I do.”

“Do you?  I just … I just feel like such a baby coloring eggs.  I mean, I don’t want to hurt your feelings and if it means a lot to you, I’ll color them with you guys.”

“Oh don’t be silly!” I told him.  “Kids grow out of things all the time!  I knew it was coming!  You keep playing your game, your sister and I will do them.” 

“Thanks mom, for understanding.” 

He hugged me and I kissed him to let him know it really was okay. 

And it is.  Still, you miss the baby days when they’re gone, despite how much you cherish the big kid days when they arrive. 

My other egg coloring buddy remains for a few more years yet so I still have some time.  After that, I’m on my own, I guess. 

I might have to hunt the eggs by myself too, after I hide them. 

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