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Death and Taxes


Did you hear me screaming?  I bet you heard me screaming.  If you heard someone screaming, it was probably me. 

Did I mention taxes?  Oh yeah, it’s tax day in the US.  Yay.  (You picked up on the sarcasm, right?  Winking smile  ) 

See, I opted to print our taxes and send them in, yeah, doing it the old fashioned way, since Uncle Sam wants some money and I don’t feel like e-filing.  There’s a certain rebellious sense of satisfaction in telling that greedy ol’ Uncle that the check’s in the mail. 

Guess what happened as I was printing?  I got the out of ink message!  Isn’t that funny?  Frack!  I hardly ever print stuff and wouldn’t you know, the day I need it most, the ink runs out.  So I did the only thing any thieving wife would do – I stole the ink out of Darc’s printer, since they use the same ink and he almost never uses his printer. 

Guess what?

Yeah.  His ink cartridges were empty too. 

What the heck happened?  Probably just dried up and blew away for both of us, but still, what are the odds?  Heh, I guess 100% apparently.  :roll: 

That’s the kind of luck I have.  So now I have to wait for my beloved to get home from work so we can run out to get ink, then run home to print the stupid tax returns, then run out again to the post office to mail that dang Uncle his dang money, because he doesn’t have dang sense enough to get his dang spending under control. 

Good thing I have a roast in the oven and don’t need to keep an eye on cooking.  Thank goodness for the little things!

So, how’s your tax day going?

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