A Drive in the Clouds

The editing on my husband’s latest book began a week or so ago, as some of you know.  I do a little bit here and there to help out with proofreading and whatnot, when he asks.  The biggest fear though is losing the work in a computer crash.  If you’ve known us any length of time, you know this has happened to us more than once.  Yeah, yeah, back up, we know!  And we try!  But sometimes crap happens, like when we lost both our computers in 2009-10. 

I happened to come across a couple of articles recently while reading the news and I thought they had some great information – good enough to share.  Apparently Google and Microsoft are competing in a veritable Drive Derby with each other and the storage service DropBox, and are offering some pretty nice packages for users to save stuff in the Cloud.  For free!

Seriously sweet.  Smile

Of course, being Google and Microsoft, they are more than willing to sell you extra space if you need more, too.  But their prices are pretty reasonable, so that’s a good thing. 

For anyone who’s ever lost stuff in a computer crash (and who hasn’t, really?) then the Cloud is for you.  It’s just a matter of choosing which service you want to go with.  Me being the greedy girl I am, I’ll use both, on all my email accounts!  Having lost a few years worth of pictures in the past, I’m going to grab as much Cloud storage as I can get. 

Now my husband has options too.  No more losing 75% of a book’s edits to a drive crash.  (Gosh that one hurt!)

So here are the links to the articles so you can check it out yourself.  I’ll see you in the Cloud!

Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive — What does moving to the cloud mean? | Fox News

You get 5GB of storage for free on Google Drive, which is a pretty good deal, and when you log into Google Documents you’ll notice that all your documents, photos, and attachments have become a part of Google Drive.

The first 2GB of space is free on DropBox.

5 Reasons Microsoft SkyDrive is Better Than Google Drive | PCWorld

SkyDrive offers 7GB of free storage to its users

Also, if you were a SkyDrive user before the recent switch to 7GB of free storage, you can reclaim your free 25GB of storage by visiting SkyDrive’s Manage Storage page.

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2 thoughts on “A Drive in the Clouds

  1. Amazon also has Cloud storage. I use it for all my music, and I’m starting to use it for TV series and movies I buy. You get so much free then you can buy more, like Microsoft and Google.

    Oh great reminder! Thanks! I forgot about Amazon. I wanted to buy a movie from them too. 🙂


  2. They drilled it into me at computer school: “If you can’t live without it, back it up!” Fortunately we have a dedicated drive for backup on my home computer, since it’s part of my husband’s home business. He won’t entrust his confidential material to anyone else.

    I don’t blame him one bit! If I had the space and the money I’d do that too. 🙂


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