Dive right in

I felt like I was in a scene from a bad cop show.  There I was, half in the dumpster … .

“Help me carry out the garbage,” I said to the kids the other night.  My friend was coming up for a visit the following day and I didn’t want a big bag of stinky garbage greeting her at the door.  I had a few things to carry out so I asked the kids to help me. 

I had my keys in hand, I don’t know why, habit I suppose.  It’s not like I lock the door on a quick jaunt to the garbage, but I do always take them with me whenever we go anywhere, so I just had them in my hand.  I grabbed a bag of garbage and handed it to my son, who said, “Aw, the bag?  But I wanted to take the box!” 


“Fine, take the box, I’LL take the bag,” and off we went. 

My son isn’t quite tall enough yet to lift the dumpster lid all the way.  He is a kid and it is a huge apartment dumpster after all.  So I hefted the lid and flung my bag in first. 

Only, my keys had somehow gotten tangled up in the “handle ties” of the bag and I didn’t realize that until the bag started pulling them out of my hand. 

I tried to hang on as the bag went in but I heard the “clingk!” of my keys on the bottom of the dumpster.  It was kind of like the sound my heart made.

Naturally the kids panicked.  I almost did too!  They still had the garbage they’d been carrying so I told them to stay put, I’d be right back.  Quickest trip to the dumpster and back and to the dumpster again, EVER!  I grabbed the step-ladder, a flashlight, and my trusty reaching tongs. 

Even standing on the top step and leaning all the way in as far as I could, WITH my trusty reaching tongs, I still barely managed to grab the bag of garbage I’d thrown in.  How fortunate was I that the garbage had been picked up that day and the dumpster was almost empty?  My bag was right in front and I didn’t have to climb in to find it!  Thank the Lord!  For a second there I thought I might have to lower the MiniNess in by her feet. 

The keys were recovered and all’s well that ends well.  Still, that’s as close to dumpster diving as I ever want to get again!

My friend took us to the beach.  In the daytime!  I didn’t explode in a cloud of vampire flames either!  I took some pictures that I’ll post next week, but here’s a quick video I took with my phone, trying to catch the sound of the surf.

In the picture, just to the left of that sign in the water, you can sort of make out some tall building way far away.  Those buildings are in Chicago. 



Surf-y sounds

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4 thoughts on “Dive right in

  1. OMG. I’m so sorry, I didn’t even THINK to get the garbage out before she came! *Phew!* for digging the keys out without having to drop in!

    It’s okay Love. It all worked out just fine. 🙂


  2. Who knew taking out the garbage could be such an adventure!

    LOL I know, right?! Good thing there wasn’t a body in there!


  3. Thank goodness you got your keys back! I can easily imagine the “oh no!” feeling as they were being tugged out of your hand.

    It was pretty scary for a second there! You can be sure that was a quick, fervent prayer that went up! LOL


  4. I did that same thing only I didn’t realize I pitched my keys until AFTER the dump truck came and went. That was no fun at all.

    Glad you didn’t burst into flames at the beach and glad you had a good time!

    Oh no! Oh how terrible! I’m so sorry you had to go through that. 😦

    Nope, no flames. Whew! lol The weather was pretty nice up there. 🙂


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