How American is Your English?

And I thank our soldiers for it, too!  Smile 

Your English is Totally Americanized
No doubt about it, you’re a total red blooded American. Or at least you talk like one.
You probably learned your English in the good ole USA, and no one would dare mistake you for a Brit.

As far as you’re concerned, "lift" is a verb. And you’re not even sure what "bullocks" means.
And someone couldn’t pay you enough to eat a courgette. That just sounds like a fancy french shoe to you!

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One thought on “How American is Your English?

  1. Bob

    It didn’t work for me. I tried picking one option and it changed the answer to the other one and it wouldn’t let me change it back.

    I think you have to hit the back button to change an answer, or reload the quiz and start over.


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