Star Spangled Banner

I suppose it’s not a secret how much I love our National Anthem.  And it’s Flag Day today so the National Anthem seems rather appropriate.  Smile 

Anyway, I’m not a fan of singers who shred our Anthem.  They get up there and sing at football or baseball games, and they seem to think it’s all about them and how many extra undulations they can make their vocal chords go through, than how well they can honor the song.  It’s supposed to be about the song, not about them. 

Donna Summer did an awesome version of the National Anthem. 

Huey Lewis and the News did an excellent rendition.

Then I came across these kids in a post on iOwnTheWorld and was blown away by how talented they are.  I wanted to share their amazing vocal harmonizing with you. Smile  I suspect we’ll be hearing more from Daves Highway in the future.  Smile 

Happy Flag Day!

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One thought on “Star Spangled Banner

  1. I like the Star Spangled Banner, even though it’s not my national anthem. That’s a solid song.

    Why thank you Spark! I like yours too. 🙂


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