Thursday Thankfulness

The kids and I were able to walk to the end of complex and see the fireworks.  Seriously cool.  No traffic.  No waiting.  No crowds.  Ahhh!  Just a 30 second jaunt and we’re there.  Almost as good as being able to be in our own backyard.  Smile  A few of the other tenants had similar ideas but not many. 

I love fireworks.  Independence Day just isn’t complete without them, for me.  Fortunately, since the city here has abandoned fireworks in the past few years, the park has stepped up and come through.  The kids and I are very thankful.  Smile

So how was your 4th? 

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2 thoughts on “Thursday Thankfulness

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed yourselves!
    Of course, being Canadian, yesterday was just a normal Wednesday for me, but I did enjoy getting a long Canada Day weekend.

    I just read your water heater story. Yikes! I hope it’s all fixed now.


  2. I didn’t do anything fun. I mowed/watered my friend’s yard and hung out around my house. Just another day.


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