Thursday Thankfulness that box right there?  –>>  I am doggone grateful for that wonderful box.  Many have been the times in my life when I didn’t have such a box.  An amazing, fantastical, life-altering box.  Of course, it’s a central air conditioning unit.  But you knew that.  Smile

Sometimes I think about when no such thing existed – even as little as one century ago, such a thing would have been considered science fiction, I’m sure.  Now, many homes and cars have them.  I think in some places they are as necessary as heaters.  Certainly for some folks they’re necessary, as was shown in the 500+ heat-related deaths in Chicago during a 1995 heat wave. 

I know that neither Darc nor myself deal well with heat.  We just can’t physically tolerate it.  Some folks thrive like a desert cactus, but not us. 

So I am profoundly thankful for air conditioning.  We do indeed live in a wonderful time.  Smile

What are you grateful for?

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image courtesy of: Simple Central Air Conditioner Repair

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2 thoughts on “Thursday Thankfulness

  1. It was the dickens in Miami with no AC in school 50’s and 60’s . I remember just dripping on my papers.

    Oh goodness, that must have been torture!

    I read once, long ago, that one of the reasons they don’t have school during the summer months is because of all those old buildings that don’t have A/C, and that it would just cost too much to either install new air conditioning systems or build new buildings, not to mention the cost of cooling them in the summer.


  2. mjdar

    OK, me too, Darcs… LOVE that AC. Most definitely. I am grateful that the sun rises and the sun sets everyday. Also, I love animals and birds. Today it rained and we needed it so bad.

    Other things stink. Things we have no control over.

    Those are all wonderful things, TMJ. 🙂

    As for the rest that’s out of our hands – guess we just have to trust in His hands. He’ll take care of it. 😀


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