Say What Now?

The other night I heard my son humming a little tune under his breath that was pretty familiar.  At first I figured it must be my imagination, then he started singing the words.

“I see a red door and I want to paint it black … .”

“Excuse me?!  How do you know that song?” I asked him.

“Let me guess, it’s one you already know.” 

“Uh, yeah, it must have come out when I was about 2, so yes, you could say I already know it, Mr Smartypants.  Let me show you.”

So I did a quick YouTube search and then played the found video for him, complete in all its black and white glory.

My son watched it with me.  “He dances pretty weird, it’s kinda funny,” was pretty much all he found to say about it.

“Yeah, that’s what drugs will do to you,” said I.  “You should see him do his chicken dance, maybe I’ll find a video of that and show it to you one of these days.  Drugs are bad.”  As a parent, you have to take the teachable moments where you find them. Winking smile

“So tell me,” I asked, “How did you come across that song?  It shouldn’t be on your radar at all.”

He pointed me to the video where he heard it.  Sonic.  A silly Sonic the Hedgehog video.  Who knew?

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2 thoughts on “Say What Now?

  1. wigsf3

    The Rolling Stones, too risqué for Ed Sullivan’s really big shoe, but okay for your children.

    I think he just had a problem with a word in one of their songs? It’s been a long time since I’ve read about it so I can’t recall.

    And maybe I’m just cooler than Ed. It could happen!


  2. I remember the first time my kids saw a video of the Bee Gees. They were horrified at the tight pants.

    Ha! I should show that to my kids! 🙂


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