What Sea Animal Are You?

How can I be a sea turtle if I’m grounded?  Hmmmm.


You Are a Turtle
You are a sure and steady creature. You don’t rush anyone or anything. It’s important to take your time.
You go at your own pace and do the right thing. You always honor what’s important.

You are grounded and focused. You bring stability to other people’s lives.
You are mindful and deliberate. You allow yourself the time to think through every option.


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2 thoughts on “What Sea Animal Are You?

  1. Sea turtles are often over one hundred years old and about as slow as molasses in January. Sounds like you.

    Hey you’re right, it does! And, it would seem, it’s beginning to sound a lot like you too!


  2. I’m an octopus! 😀
    You are productive, efficient, and a natural multitasker. You know how to get things done!
    You have amazing focus and you’re very strong willed. You are good at zeroing in on what’s important.

    You are very intelligent and sharp. Complex things seem simple to you.
    You have a good memory and are very creative. You can come up with unique solutions to problems.

    That is SO you, Spark! 🙂


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