WordPress Support Week – Reading Posts by Email

Part of the fun of blogging, besides putting up your own posts, is reading posts that others put up.  No matter what your interest might be, there’s someone on WordPress who’s posting about that very thing.  And you want to read about it!  But getting to that post might be a problem, for whatever reason.  If you like to use a separate Reader program such as Google Reader, like I do, but your work won’t let you connect to Google Services.  Or maybe you like to use the WordPress Reader to check out the blogs of all your WordPress friends that you follow but getting to a computer just isn’t possible right then.

Guess what?  WordPress has a way around that.  You can tell WP to send you emails of the posts that you want to read.  So wherever you get your email, you can keep up with your blog friends, whether it’s through your phone or tablet, or someplace else that allows Internet access but not social media access. 

All you have to do, when you can get to your WordPress account to manage your settings, is go to the main page at http://wordpress.com .  From there, go to the Reader tab, then down at the bottom on the left, you’ll see Email Delivery Settings.  The page will look like this one below. 

Now you can choose how and when to have posts sent to you.  Weekly?  Daily?  Immediately?  The choice is yours, and you have tons of freedom and flexibility, so you’re always in control. 


I hope you’ve found something useful in all the WordPress Support posts this week!  Happy blogging!

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One thought on “WordPress Support Week – Reading Posts by Email

  1. I subscribe to so many bloggers that I can’t handle the traffic to return read/comment to them all. These are all quality people/posts. I am sure some people that follow me feel slighted but that is not my intent and I have to just delete so many notifications. I know I am missing so much quality and feel bad about that.

    It’s hard to keep up with all the ones we want to keep up with! There are way more great things to read and people to connect with than there are hours in a day. But I understand what you mean, Carl! Sometimes the simple gesture just has to do. 🙂


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