He can see clearly now

The world’s handsomest, most beautiful boy got glasses over the weekend.  The glasses, when we first saw them, were mixed in with the other glasses in the store.  When they’re on his face, they’re the most stylin’ glasses around.  Smile  He makes those glasses look good.  All the other glasses were so jealous.

Seriously, my boy has a very intellectual look to him when he wears his new glasses.  The frames he picked out suit him wonderfully.  He was so wowed that he could see so many things much clearer.  Of course, his baby sister had to get in on the act too.  When we asked him if he could read the sign across the street, he asked, “Which one?”  The MiniNess had to pop off with, “The one that says blah-blah-blah.”  Oh, that kid!  LOL 

So now the handsome prince can actually see how handsome he is! 


I also discovered over the weekend that our computers came already loaded with speech recognition software.  A year and a half and I had no idea!  Here I was reading the comments on some Dragon Naturally Speaking software, and one of the commenters mentioned the stuff that came bundled with his Windows 7 computer.  That made my eyebrows shoot up!  Bundled?  Windows 7?  Seriously?  I did a search and sure enough, there it was!  So naturally I had to play with that for a while, but I didn’t spend any money buying software I didn’t know I already had!  How sweet is that?


We had a bit of excitement last week.  Seems someone in the central part of the building thought it would be funny to pull the fire alarm.  Oh yeah, that was a real thigh slapper.  Apparently, all the units that are in a single building have a fire alarm in them, in addition to the smoke detectors that are in each unit.  But when my smoke detector goes off, only mine does, not anyone else’s.  For the fire alarm however, they are all connected and everyone’s in the building went off.  I went outside to see what I could see when the flashing lights appeared and some some poor little old lady looking helpless, so I tried to help her out of the way and reassure her that nothing was actually on fire.  I felt bad for the poor firemen who had to suit up and come out on a hot muggy night.  All for nothing!  The worst part is realizing that it must have been someone who lives here, or knows someone who lives here, because the only way to get into the building is with a key. 


On the homefront, Darc did some outlining, which is always fun for us.  Now the first 2 books in the (formerly known as) GhostHunters series are outlined and ready to be written.  Yes, that means JD and Dillon will be back!  Seriously exciting!  I’ve missed those characters! 

So now Darc has a plethora of stories he can plug into and get going on at his whim.  Yay!


And that was my weekend.  How was yours?

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One thought on “He can see clearly now

  1. I have had to wear reading glasses of increasing power over last 30 years. About 10 months ago something happened and I can read without them and threw them all away.

    Now you’ve piqued my curiosity, Carl! What did you do, what happened? I want that too!


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