Oh my gosh, when I first saw this LOLCat, it brought back a memory that made me bust out laughing. 

Darc and I hadn’t been married long.  A few months, at best.  One night a fly somehow managed to get into our apartment and it drove us crazy.  It was a big fly and it had an annoying buzz, and it seemed like it would get right in our faces and then fly off before we could get it.

Well, Darc was not one to be deterred by an insect.  He was going to get that blasted fly if it darn near killed him.  Every time he’d try to sneak up on it, whoosh, there it would go again, teasing him mercilessly. 

Darc got mad.  He grabbed one of those sales papers from the newspaper to use as a weapon.   That fly’s goose was cooked, if someone could ever catch it.  Darc was chasing it all over the place, going from room to room, and by that time I was laughing at how silly the whole thing had become. 

Eventually the fly stopped on the ceiling for a breather and Darc took his chance.  He snuck up slowly … clenched his paper roll ever tighter … then jumped as high as he could and SMACKED that fly to death.

And left behind on the ceiling was a lovely swath of blue, from the sales flyer he’d used as a weapon. 

But that doggone fly was dead!

The blue streak stayed until we moved out, proof of a hard-won victory.  🙂

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One thought on “Whensday

  1. I refer you to this graphic:

    Hahahaha! That’s a good one, Spark! Too funny! 😆


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