What the?


I came across this article one night in my surfing.  

Privacy is lacking in this Tokyo glass home

A three-story glass home in Tokyo – including split-level balconies without safety rails
– intentionally offers little privacy to its occupants.
Photo: Iwan Baan

In a connected world where privacy is a valued, but diminishing part of daily life, home remains a reliable refuge. But here’s one home that intentionally strips away even that illusion for its inhabitants. In this nearly transparent Tokyo home, known as House NA, outsiders can see everything and everyone inside.

Of course, all kinds of things went through my head.  Things like, “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones,” and silly stuff like that.  Naturally that flowed into, “I don’t do windows!”  And then, “Can’t you tell them I’m not home?” 

The whole saying of “people in glass houses,” was such a silly notion when I was a kid – of course no one would actually live in a glass house!  That’s just an expression, duh!  But here we are now, with glass houses, under 1,000 sq ft of cramped glass house, no less, and once-silly notions are now reality.

Plus, check it out – no safety rails on those balconies.  Drugs, right?  Seriously, who does balconies without rails?

Count me out!  LOL  I do love privacy, especially my own!  And I’m terribly fond of safety, especially my kid’s.  I have such a hard time believing that someone actually paid for this.  Clearly (ha! no pun intended!) someone did though.  I think they should have called it the “Invisi-house.” 

Click the link to read the whole thing: Privacy is lacking in this Tokyo glass home

How about you?  Would you ever live in a glass house?

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3 thoughts on “What the?

  1. No ma’am … I don’t think I could handle that.

    That makes 2 of us, my friend!


  2. Japanese are crazee!

    I think that’s true of anyone who chooses to live in a glass house!


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