You’re killing me, FEDEX, you really are.  See that comment there on your delivery page, the one that says, “Customer not available”?  I’d like to know how the heck your driver can divine that when he never even deigned to pull into the parking lot of my building.  He just goes right to the office and drops off my packages.  I know because I watch him do it.  Hopefully, FEDEX, you realize that if I’m watching him do it, it means it’s because I am here and I am available.  So either your drivers are lazy or lying, and are you good with that?

Sure, I’m grateful for the service the office provides in accepting deliveries like that.  However, I pay for delivery to ME, not the office.  And I know doggone good and well that if I lived in a house, your driver would make the effort to come to my door, at the very least simply dropping off my package and leaving.  But no.   Because I live in an apartment, you skip me all together.

That’s called discrimination.

Is my apartment money not as good as my house money for some reason? 

There’s a reason I request delivery for things and it’s not your place to decide whether or not the office is “good enough.” 

Every FEDEX delivery I’ve had while living in an apartment has had the same results.  And every FEDEX delivery I’ve had while living in a house has brought the driver to my door with my package, just like I paid for.  Would you care to explain that?

Funny, I know the UPS driver.  He’s a really nice guy.  He knocks on my door and brings me my deliveries.  I’m sure I’ll tip him at Christmas, too.  But not your driver, FEDEX.  Because I’m fed up with how you treat me, with how your driver treats me.  Taking my money but not providing the service I pay for, doesn’t fly in my book. 

Rest assured, I’ll be requesting UPS delivery in the future from companies I order from. 


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4 thoughts on “Dear FEDEX

  1. Oh, this would certainly not stand in the days of home delivery from the milkman.

    ROFL! You know, my mother used to tell me I was the milkman’s kid. 😀 I remember the glass bottles on the porch in the mornings.


  2. Amen, Babe. Let’s do that, and see if we can’t get the word out on the Internet too. I’m sick of this sh!t.

    All the companies I order from will be getting a UPS request from me.


  3. You tell ’em!

    Thanks Bob! 🙂

    How are you? I miss your blog. And wedding news?


  4. That’s a way easier manner of operating a package delivery company. I can imagine what the meeting was like that led to that decision.

    “Hey, Phil, I’m tired of actually making deliveries. Would you mind if I just got in the truck and drove around for an hour or two then came back and left all the packages here?”

    “Yeah, sounds good to me, Cletus. Would you run me some errands while you’re out?”

    You said it! What a great way to run a company! Get paid for not doing the job! Heck, they must have taken a page from the government, who’s been doing that exact thing for years. 😉


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