Family Weekending

I suppose you could say the weekend started early for me.  The kids decided on Thursday night that they really wanted Friday off, so they did their Friday school on Thursday before they went to bed. 

Turns out that was a great decision to make because my girlfriend called me on Friday and said she had some free time and could she come up?  Now, since she lives so far, we usually plan our visits in advance, but she had some things come up for her so she wanted to make a more spontaneous visit.  Since the kids had done their school work the night before, we were free.  She brought us a ton of soap she made and I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome it smells.  My skin, and my nose, are so happy.  :)  I call it my skin candy for a reason. 

On Saturday, we took the kids to a forest preserve to check out some of the beautiful autumn colors.  Trees were shedding leaves on the way home from out little outing, so it looks like we made it just in time.  Next weekend all those trees might be naked.  But I did get some pics, and a few little videos of the leaves and us going, “Oooh, did you see that one?”  But the kids had a good time and that’s what matters most to us.  🙂

Plus, while it’s still a bit early to tell, it looks like Darc may have found his dream keyboard.  I swear, he has a keyboard store right next to his desk, so he can change keyboards like other people change their socks.  Both of us are pretty weird about our keyboards – and it’s a known fact that I have a pen thing.  But Darc’s even pickier about keyboards than I am.  Considering he makes one living at them, and hopes to make another living at them, it’s pretty important that he finds one he’s good with for several hours a day.  He had a look of pure bliss when he plugged his new one in and started typing on it. 

As a bonus, the weather was gorgeous this weekend.  And that is an extremely rare thing around here, so it was frosting on the cake.

So how was your weekend? 

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PS – Here are a few of the pics I took. 





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One thought on “Family Weekending

  1. Wow, gorgeous photos! The pond with the lily pads looks like an impressionist oil painting.

    Aww, thanks Spark! 🙂


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