What Kind of Horror Movie Are You?

Had to do this one in honor of my sweetheart, who loves horror movies.  And wouldn’t you know it, it came up with serial killers!  Perfect!

This one pegged me to a T.  Creepy.


You Are a Serial Killer Movie
You find the evil of other people to be fascinating, and you are obsessed with the twisted minds of serial killers.
Forget the devil, vampires, or random monsters… no one is capable of as much terror as a human is.

You love the psychological drama and mystery that comes with serial killer films. Being scared is just not enough for you!
You like films that explore the sick killings of a murderer… the sicker the better. You go for movies like Silence of the Lambs, American Psycho, and Zodiac.

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2 thoughts on “What Kind of Horror Movie Are You?

  1. Pingback: It reads like a real-life Scandinavian crime novel. In the 1990s, Thomas Quick confessed to more than 30 murders, making him Sweden’s most notorious serial killer. Then, he changed his name and revealed his confessions were all faked « just te

  2. I’m a Teen Horror Movie
    You like a horror movie to feel realistic. You’re most scared when you believe what’s happening could happen (or could have happened) to you.
    You prefer a horror movie that doesn’t take itself so seriously. You like witty dialog and even a bit of comedy with your gore.

    You believe that darkness can strike at any time, so you enjoy that teen horror movies inject evil in to everyday life.
    Your favorite movies have compelling characters, lots of drama, and plenty of terror. You like films like Scream, The Blair Witch Project, and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

    Actually, I did like the Blair Witch Project, and I hardly like any horror movies at all.

    The Blair Witch got me good – I had lots of books about old tales of regional hauntings in the US, and when that movie came out, I kept wracking my brain trying to remember it and I couldn’t. Well no wonder I couldn’t recall reading about it! Major “D’oh!” for me, lol. 🙂


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