QUIZ What Color Christmas Lights Are You?

Heh, seems every time I do this quiz, I get a different answer.  I guess my color Christmas light is “multi”!


You Are Blue Lights
Your holidays are a time for spirituality and peace.
Whether you’re religious or not, you try to bring more meaning to the holidays.

You prefer giving to receiving, and you enjoy the generous spirit of the holidays.
You take the time to reach out to those in need, and you open your home to all your friends and family.



You Are Green Lights
Your holidays are a time of rest and solace.
You take time to reflect on the year that’s passed.

You also enjoy connecting with friends and family you’ve lost touch with.
The holidays are your opportunity to remember what’s important in your life.

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3 thoughts on “QUIZ What Color Christmas Lights Are You?

  1. I’m red lights! It’s totally wrong, incidentally… at least the last line. 😉
    Your holidays are a time of warmth and sharing.
    No one epitomizes the spirit of giving as much as you do.
    You enjoy all of the tastes, sounds, smells, and sights of the holidays.
    You usually have the best decorations, music, and food.

    But it does kind of make a serendipitous sense that Sparkling Red would be *red* lights. 😀 And I have no doubt that your decorations, food, and music is wonderful, too. 🙂


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  3. Kari Sullivan

    Multi should totally be an option. Thanks for taking and posting my quiz 🙂

    Thanks for making such a fun, cute quiz, Kari, and for stopping by and commenting. 🙂


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