I had to chuckle when I watched this video.  It reminded me so much of my daughter!  I’ve called her “Tigger” since she could walk because she bounced all over the place.

At 7 (and a half!) the bouncing continues.  She almost never simply walks anywhere.  She jumps, hops, or skips.  And when she’s not going from one place to another, she dances in place.  She’s my energetic, bouncing baby girl, and if I could bottle and sell that energy, I’d be a multi-billionaire.  🙂



All rights reserved by DarcsFalcon

Clipped from The Boingy Baby Gazelle – Cheezburger

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2 thoughts on “Bouncer

  1. ArunaAdvaney

    I think you have a future Olympic Star or Ballerina on your hands. 😉

    Now that would be nice! LOL I can so see her twirling around on a stage, my little show off girl. 🙂


  2. Gives new meaning to “jumping for joy”

    Aww, you’re so right! Great viewpoint! 🙂


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